Wisdom for the Earth

April, 22nd has been dedicated as the earth day in the whole world. It is very important for us to not only know and talk about preserve the earth where we stand on. The more the signs of global warming emerged, the more the countries campaign for environmental preservation. There are so many efforts we can do to protect our beloved earth! Allah SWT ‘has slipped’ this matter into the Holy Quran. Curious which verse is it? Check this out,girls!


“And We have certainly established you upon the earth and made for you therein ways of livelihood. Little are you grateful.” (Al-‘A`raf [7] : 10)

The verse above tell us to always thank Allah SWT for all His gifts through this earth. Let’s imagine if this world dry as a bone, without plants, water, and other natural resources? Just wondering about it make us feel frightened, don’t we? So don’t forget to be grateful,girls!

“And remember when He made you successors after the ‘Aad and settled you in the land, [and] you take for yourselves palaces from its plains and carve from the mountains, homes. Then remember the favors of Allah and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.” (Al-‘A`raf [7] : 74)


Now, still related to gratitude, the verse above tell us Allah’s command and message that human being must maintain the environmental preservation which we live and do many activities there. Why should we? Of course we should, because He created this world to be used with good way. As Daily Muslima explained above, if global warming has increased, we also have to increase our efforts to deal with it. Start from little thing like go green movement, like minimize our wasting habits. And don’t forget to always pray to Allah SWT and shalawat to our prophet Muhammad SAW.


Nabila Faranida/Fawzia RahmaTalita Zahrah

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Pledge Your Birthday!

Water is the most essential thing on our planet. This lovely Earth contains 70% of water. But, not all of that water are clean and may be used for daily activities such as take a bath, drink, sanitation, etc. Sadly, almost one billion people on this planet live without any access to clean drinking water. Can you imagine that? Alhamdulillah we live in a healthy environment and very easy to get a clean drinking water. So, how about them?

That sad yet true condition we called as Water Crisis. Charity Water Organization aware of this serious issue and create a creative way to help them together with us. What is that?

The fun thing is, they just need our birthday to solve it. Easy, right? Getting more curious, Muslima?

Join Charity Water Organization movement by pledging to give up your next birthday for clean water!


If the movement aren’t started by us, who else it will be? Pledge now!


Talita Zahrah

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Creative DIY : Beauty of Bracelets

There are so many bracelets to be chosen by you. Different models, styles, characters or even different type of materials. But, have you ever try to make your own bracelets? Your very own bracelets that shows your true character and identity? We will give you several models and types of how to make your own bracelets. You may choose which one (or maybe more) is the best for your style. Prepare your kit and let’s start!

Beauty of the White Pearls



Ombre Bracelet

gelang ombre2

gelang ombre3

gelang ombre1

Glowing Elegantly




Glow Your Charm

gelang rope1

gelang rope2

gelang rope3

Sweet Moment of You




Optimize the Creativity




Super excited! Let’s start to make our very own bracelets, Muslima!


Talita Zahrah

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10 Places To See Before They’re Gone!

Hello dear, Muslima.. We bet you are really like to travel. Especially for adventurous type of person, you will always try to find a very new yet unreachable adventure out there. How about to go to places that you have to see before they are gone? Actually, what are the main reasons that make those places will gone for the next several years? What kind of places they are? Here, check this out!














So, what are you waiting for? Budget the cost, plan your traveling activities and go see them before they are gone for sure!


Talita Zahrah

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For Your Comfortable Hijab

Hijab is one of the most important obligations from Allah SWT for us, Muslima. To be more comfortable with your Hijab, we would like to share several tips about it. Here they are:


  • Wear Your Hijab Just Because Of Allah SWT

Muslima and Hijab cannot be apart. That is why, use your Hijab just because of Allah SWT.

  • Choose a Comfortable Material for Your Hijab

Hijab with spandex material, shirt or some materials like that may be your perfect choice. Those kinds of materials are very comfortable when you use it in outdoor activities. Hijab with those materials may prevent you from uncomfortable moment.

  • Avoid to Use Black Color

Because we live in the tropical country, choose any other color except black when you wanna go out in the very hot afternoon. Black color may absorb hot weather. Although you are using Hijab with shirt material, it is still hot if you use it in black color.


Love your hijab only because of Allah SWT. You will be the most beautiful person with hijab and be proud of it :)


Talita Zahrah

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Smart Savings

Who’s in the World don’t wanna have a good financial planning? Everybody wants it. We will share some tips for you, Muslima, to be a better financial planner than before. These tips are actually conducted by Mandy Seay and you may see it also on quickeasyfit.com :

4 Langkah Untuk Belajar Berhemat

1. Create a Priority List

When you want to go shopping, take a note for everything you need. Don’t buy anything that are not in your list. Remember, only buy for everything you need, not everything you want.

2. Minimize Unnecessary Budget

It’s better to minimize your unnecessary budget than always pay it for no reason. The examples of unnecessary budget are subscribing for magazine that you rarely read or tv cable that you never watch. Smart electricity savings just like turn off the light when you don’t need it, plug off the cable of your electronic things when you don’t use it and plug off the charger of your mobile phone when battery is already full may also be several solutions to minimize your unnecessary budget. Those actions are very simple, but it gives a very big impact to your electricity bill later on.

3. Hang Out with Friends

Yes, we know that hanging out with friends is one of your happiness, but be responsible for you financial matters. Don’t be easily go out and forget about your financial planning. Every savings that you got because you’re minimizing the hang out time may be very significant. And don’t forget about go green thing, you may bring your own tumbler rather than buy for a glass of water.

4. Optimize Your Smartphone

In this modern and online era, we are very sure that you have a smartphone. And the question is, do you already optimize all the functions of your smartphone? If you do, it may help you to control your financial matters. Choose a good provider that gives the best deal for your communication through smartphone. Actually, this smart step also works for you who don’t use a smartphone.


Let’s start to have a better life with financial planning. Simple step for a brighter future!


Talita Zahrah

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Love Your Feet!

As an active Muslima, don’t let anything ruins your day. Especially for your feet, avoid any smelly and rough skin because of wearing shoes too often. Let’s use your day off to give an extra attention for your feet. The most important thing is you can do it by yourself at home. Here the tips! :)



10 pieces candle nut (kemiri) and crushed it

3 tablespoons of honey

4 tablespoons of water

2 tablespoons of milk powder

Warm water for soaking

Pumice (batu apung)

How to:

Combine crushed candle nut, honey, water, and milk powder until it blended.

For a moment, soak your foot in the warm water.

Rub gently your heels with pumice heel to peel the ‘old’ skins. Then, lift your foot from the basin.

In wet condition, rub and massage your foot with candle nut mixture. Do it slowly.

Rinse your feet with warm water.


Do you know? Candle nut is very useful as a natural scrub, honey helps to moisturize the skin and milk will soften your feet. Do this treatment for about once a week, then your feet will always be soft and smells good! Have a nice try :)


Rizkya Ramadhani/Talita Zahrah

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